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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Have you ever been so stuck that you think your going to be stuck there for ever?
A typical thing in childhood memory is getting stuck in a tree. I'm sure you have been stuck in a tree.

Have you ever found yourself sliding down a tree but you getting stuck in a v?
One way of solving it is getting soap and putting it on your legs and slipping out of the v.

When you get too high and you forget how you go up so you can't get down. One way of solving it is calling 111 and ask for the fire Brigade. The 2nd way of solving it is screaming out for your mum until she comes.

Have you ever seen a tree that looks so easy but as you start to climb it you start to realise where are the foot holes?

On a very hot day, in summer, Ethan and I were playing on the dry field, when I saw people climbing this macrocarpa tree, and then sliding down it. So I thought Ethan and I could go and climb it. As I climbed up the tree I noticed that Ethan was already at the top. I asked him to wait for me. I said this is going to be so fun! I shouted out. I went down and I shouted “Oh that was so FUN Your turn Ethan!” Okay here we go as Ethan slides down he yells out ouch my back. As he came to the bottom I have a look at back.  A big red gash ran down his back. You need to go to the sickbay so I walk him over and the nurse she puts a plaster on Ethan.

I do not think Ethan and I will ever forgot about that as a childhood memory.

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