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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Midnight snack at camp

It's 12am at night. Everyone is sleeping apart from us. Suddenly, someone's stopwatch goes off! Everyone wakes up.
“What?” says Flynn.
“Midnight snack.” I say.
“Yes” says Michael.
I can see a cheeky smile. “What is it?” I say.
“Let’s party. Has anyone got music?”
“Who wants to jump on our own beds?” I say to everyone.
Everyone says “Yes,” Everyone is laughing.
“What is it?” I say to everyone as I turn around. Standing at the door is a
“What do you think you are doing?” he thundered to everyone in our cabin. “Got into your bed right this instant!” So we scuttled back to bed as fast as we can.


When you use words from your bright sparks book it really helps you out for the spelling and important words. I think my writing is at Uni-structural because I have used one bright sparks word and I got a wee bit of help with my punctuation.

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  1. Hi Angus I like your reflection on your writing. It really says How to use your bright sparks book and what you learned.