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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dog walk

Bob,Jeth and Rob had an idea to take the dog for a walk, but no ordinary walk. They were going to tie the dog up with helium balloons.  Off they went. As they came back the dog was higher than the owner. They had to weigh it down. It have been funny to have weights.  :)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Have you ever been so stuck that you think your going to be stuck there for ever?
A typical thing in childhood memory is getting stuck in a tree. I'm sure you have been stuck in a tree.

Have you ever found yourself sliding down a tree but you getting stuck in a v?
One way of solving it is getting soap and putting it on your legs and slipping out of the v.

When you get too high and you forget how you go up so you can't get down. One way of solving it is calling 111 and ask for the fire Brigade. The 2nd way of solving it is screaming out for your mum until she comes.

Have you ever seen a tree that looks so easy but as you start to climb it you start to realise where are the foot holes?

On a very hot day, in summer, Ethan and I were playing on the dry field, when I saw people climbing this macrocarpa tree, and then sliding down it. So I thought Ethan and I could go and climb it. As I climbed up the tree I noticed that Ethan was already at the top. I asked him to wait for me. I said this is going to be so fun! I shouted out. I went down and I shouted “Oh that was so FUN Your turn Ethan!” Okay here we go as Ethan slides down he yells out ouch my back. As he came to the bottom I have a look at back.  A big red gash ran down his back. You need to go to the sickbay so I walk him over and the nurse she puts a plaster on Ethan.

I do not think Ethan and I will ever forgot about that as a childhood memory.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Week 8

This week we have been working on the trebuchet and onager. The difference with the trebuchet is it can fly further than the onager because they have different forces. The trebuchet arm flings the tennis ball higher than the ball on the Onager.

The onager is powered by string which is twisted tight to make it fire.  This is called torsion. The trebuchet is powered by gravity, which pulling the bucket of weights down, called a counterweight, which makes the throwing arm fling up and fire the tennis ball.

The trebuchet goes slowly at the start but then it will go fast at the end.
But with the onager the arm goes fast all the time.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Midnight snack at camp

It's 12am at night. Everyone is sleeping apart from us. Suddenly, someone's stopwatch goes off! Everyone wakes up.
“What?” says Flynn.
“Midnight snack.” I say.
“Yes” says Michael.
I can see a cheeky smile. “What is it?” I say.
“Let’s party. Has anyone got music?”
“Who wants to jump on our own beds?” I say to everyone.
Everyone says “Yes,” Everyone is laughing.
“What is it?” I say to everyone as I turn around. Standing at the door is a
“What do you think you are doing?” he thundered to everyone in our cabin. “Got into your bed right this instant!” So we scuttled back to bed as fast as we can.


When you use words from your bright sparks book it really helps you out for the spelling and important words. I think my writing is at Uni-structural because I have used one bright sparks word and I got a wee bit of help with my punctuation.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


When I was orienteering with Ethan, we worked together and found all of the controls. We were the first children to return back. I wonder if I can do the year 5 and 6 orienteering challenge this year?
I got so excited when I hit red in Archery. I wonder if the big bow is better for archery and if anyone who had a go with it,  hit the red or yellow.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 4

Week 4

This week have been experimenting with a trebuchet.
We think that if you put more weights in the counter weight, the gravity will make the tennis balls go farther because  gravity pushes the counterweight down and makes the weight pull the pouch up and make the ball fly out.
  When we put a heavier ball in the pouch and fired, it it didn't go as far, because to make it go as far as the lighter ball it will need more weight.
My data gathering is unistructural because I made one observation. My inferences are good, I am confident in how I set up the catapult.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Gathering and interpreting data

Week 3

Balloon Rocket - with paper

When we stuck paper on the front of the balloon it didn’t go as far because the air blowing out was hitting the paper. There could also have been too much weight or the angle that the paper was on made it spin around and around.